The Best Fantasy Idle Mobile Games to Play at Work

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Ok, maybe that wasn’t the best title to use, but there’s a pretty good chance you’re reading this while working from home anyway, so let’s not beat around the bush.

In 2021, the amount of idle mobile games you can play is a little bit daunting, so let us guide you on a journey of limited button pushes, high rewards, and even better: the boss will never suspect a damn thing. Why fantasy games? Because I love them! Let’s dive into the year’s best fantasy mobile games to play while “working”!  


My god. As someone who loves old-school isometric RPGs: CLICKPOCALYPSE II is amazing. The download is tiny, the game runs on a literal potato, and it’s engaging in that way where you really care about what your party is doing. 

Right now, I’m watching my party comprised on a Pyro, a Priest, a Rogue, and a Ranger blast their way through hordes of what seem to be giant bats, while every so often I can jump in to make sure they’re all using the best upgrades they’ve unlocked along the way. Wait. “Right now”? I meant when I was playing at home and totally not on the clock.

Since firing it up, my average button press rate is once every five-ten minutes, and that was just to ensure the party was upgraded. They’ve been pretty happily destroying every dungeon they’ve come across since starting, so I’m not 100% sure that they can die, but perhaps that’s a good thing.  

CLICKPOCALYPSE II really is idle gameplay, whereas some of the other games I tested that didn’t make it on the list were a bit too click heavy, but CLICKPOCALYPSE II really has that aspect of the gameplay figured out. 

One critique? The music is pretty full on, but since you’ll probably have it off at work anyway, then you shouldn’t have any problem there. I’m also a big fan of multiplayer games, but I’ll let this one slide for now, since it takes me back to Diablo. 

Huge recommend! Go play it on iOS or Android! 

Run Godzilla 

When you fire Run Godzilla up, you’ll be greeted by Adams and Yves seemingly plotting world domination by spawning Godzilla. Yves seems slightly conniving, while Adams seems like a moron, but only because of the insanity coming out of Yves mouth. It seems we are praying for our Godzilla to grow so it can dominate the world through some means that I haven’t quite figured out yet. 

There’s a nice easy tutorial to guide you through your hands off adventure, and the music instantly makes this game feel epic. After feeding apples to some friends, you’ll realize that this game is completely off the rails.  

Within about three minutes I was racing my Kaiju against other Godzilla competitors, and I had no concept was going on, except that I loved it. There was also lightsaber sounds going off the whole time which was awesome. 

Turns out the whole point is to just grow your Kaiju so it can race others. World domination? Na, just speed racing. 

Critiques? After being blessed with no ads from CLICKPOCALYPSE II, I felt a bit spoiled, but this was completely reasonable, and anyone playing a game with this depth shouldn’t feel too put out of place. It also felt like I needed to engage a little bit more than I would want to in a work setting.  

Check out Run Godzilla on both iOS and Android! 

Realm Grinder

Now Realm Grinder took a small amount of startup time, like three minutes, and then I was just happily producing huge amounts of gold that I could use to enter the never-ending optimization loop. Honestly, it felt pretty good!

Every few minutes, I would check back in to see how much gold I hate, then buy some new upgrades and let it be for awhile. Need to get a bit more extra money quickly? Start tapping the screen!

For something to play at work, Realm Grinder felt like a good fit. There is some nice depth to the gameplay, you can check back in whenever you want really, and it doesn’t really demand a lot from you. It was easy to find out when you needed to jump in, and felt pretty rewarding to buy the next building upgrade.

Realm Grinder has a great soundtrack, and when I chose the evil side, it went all rock and roll which was cute. The aesthetic is good, and it was simple enough to grasp for a new game that you can throw on at work to get a quick fix.

Critique? Honestly, not really. You can’t go wrong here!

You know the drill: iOS or Android.

Idle Skilling – Pocket RPG Tycoon

Idle Skilling – Pocket RPG Tycoon was a bit weird. I felt like I spent a lot of idle time just hitting slimes and stumps, and it was… way too satisfying. The mechanics weren’t as clear cut as the previously mentioned games, and unfortunately I died a few too many times, but it was due to me not training nearly enough, and trying to work while learning the game.

The game is simple: you swap between screens to focus on levelling that aspect of the game, such as training by doing benches, heading to the mines to level your crafting, and then diving into the thunderdome to battle the aforementioned slimes.

Aesthetically, Idle Skilling was super pleasing, and from a gameplay perspective (once I learned what was going on), I really enjoyed it. To add on, it was nice an hands-off, so you can easily crank out your Excel sheets while doing your speed benches.

iOS? Here you go! Android? Got you covered here, too.

Wrap Up

That’s it! My top three fantasy idle mobile games that you can easily play and progress in while working.

If you guys liked this, I recommend checking out some of the best MMORPGs that made it to mobile, that you probably shouldn’t play while you’re at work. Trust me, this is coming from someone who tried to AFK Old-School Runescape at work and realized the dangers of any game that requires some sort of interaction every minute.

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